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Okey is an American-made solution produced via advanced technology. It contains 3% water-soluble copper as active agent. Copper along with sulfur and lime is one of the oldest antibacterial-antifungal elements in history.

The types of copper used to date are copper sulphate and copper oxychlorure, which are macromolecular compounds. Classically used copper compounds are superficially effective, in other words, contact-effective because of their different forms and big molecules. Copper in these forms cannot penetrate into the plant because of its large size. Some forms of copper are called semi-systemic due to their local effect on plant tissues.

OKEY is produced via high-tech tribomechanical activation which is harmless for human health and environment. Thanks to this technology, copper element is transformed into tiny particles. Therefore, it easily penetrates into the plant without chelator being used.

OKEY is systemically effective and it is applicable to both the plant itself and root.

OKEY helps to be developed protective and healing effects in plant by being penetrated into all parts of the plant a few hours after application.

This feature of OKEY helps to be provided high resistance against diseases as well as increase in yield and quality in plants.

OKEY does not disrupt the soil structure and its components unlike other products containing hydrogen peroxide.

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