As Natur-Pa, we provide consultancy services on the following subjects as well.

1. Providing consultancy service to the companies which plan to start organic production on how the transition is performed

2. Providing consultancy service to those who want to establish control and certification body

3. Things to be taken into account when submitting organic product to the market

4. How organic products are processed and how the processing system is established

5. Creating, organizing and conducting organic crop production project

6. Creating, organizing and conducting organic livestock breeding project

7. Creating, organizing and conducting organic beekeeping project

8. Providing sustainability for plant species in nature

9. Organizing and conducting the system of processing organic animal products

10. Things to be taken into account when performing analysis in organic production and when choosing laboratory

11. Supplying organic products and things to be taken into consideration in this process

12. The procedure of marketing and selling organic products, and what should be taken into consideration

13. Marketing organic products, in accordance with which regulations these products have to be certified and its reason

14. Providing training courses on all the subjects listed above along with the courses in accordance with EU, NOP and Turkish Regulations


Should you demand consultancy services, please fill the communication form by pointing out the subject(s). We will contact you soon.


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